World's Biggest Outboards At Auckland Boat Show

Barry 2018-09-20

Power & Marine Ltd recently unveiled the largest and most powerful outboard on the planet at the recent Hutchwilco Boat Show. Well, now you can get to see them on the water. 

At next weeks Auckland On Water Boat Show there will be not just one, but twin 627S Seven Marine engines powering an impressive Intrepid 370. That's 1254 horsepower in just two engines.

What's more, you could win an opportunity to take a ride out on these supercharged outboard engines and experience the unmatched power first hand, if you can handle it. They need to be seen and heard to be believed. Visit to read more and register your interest to win a trip out on the largest outboards in the world during the On the Water Boat Show between 27 - 30 September, you won't be able to miss them!

The Seven Marine engines are available in three V8 supercharged sizes and made to order: 527HP, 577HP and the largest 627HP. All three are available and can be purchased through Power & Marine Ltd.

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