Oceanmax Unveils New Product for Underwater Lights

Barry 2018-09-27

Marine coatings company Oceanmax launched its new product, Lightspeed, at the Auckland on Water Boat Show.  

The first transparent foul-release coating formulated explicitly for underwater lights, Lightspeed will be distributed by West Marine and Land 'N' Sea in the United States, Burnsco in New Zealand, and All Marine Spares and QEP Marine in Australia.

Following the success of Propspeed, Oceanmax's industry-leading foul-release system for propellers and running gear, the company adapted its proprietary coating technology to maximise the long-term performance of underwater lights. Like Propspeed, Lightspeed is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional anti-fouling, which has recently come under regulatory scrutiny due to its toxic biocide content.

Lightspeed's technological advantage comes from its proprietary silicone base, which enhances luminosity by increasing emitted light organisation while decreasing its scatter. Unlike current competitors, which are opaque and use toxic chemicals to kill marine growth, Lightspeed repels growth by creating a nontoxic, "super-slick" transparent coating that prevents barnacles and algae from colonising on underwater surfaces in first place.


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