Record Auckland Boat Show Sales For Maritimo

Barry 2018-10-11

Australia's luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, continues to ride a wave of success with a successful Auckland On Water Boat Show.  

With its recent X Series sports yacht releases and recent design upgrades to M Series Flybridge Motor yacht range, creating such demand, that the Auckland On Water Boat Show provided more than $10 million in contracts finalised.

The X60 Sport Yacht which premiered in May, and the X50 Sport Yacht scheduled for world premiere in 2019 were the highlights of the Maritimo display with both models generating multiple sales.

Maritimo's lead designer, Tom Barry-Cotter, said the X50, which will have its international debut at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May 2019, has generated unprecedented amounts of interest due to its superior accommodation options and incredible price point.

The X50 is creating momentum with its accommodative spaces blitzing competitor layouts in terms of accommodation area offered, and available accommodation options, made possible by the X-Series ground breaking aft cabin design.

Barry-Cotter said X60 that was featured on the Maritimo display, had travelled from Australia to New Zealand under its own power, A route being chosen more frequently by owner’s as a less expensive and more exciting delivery option than via shipping delivery.

"People were very surprised to hear that the X60 was capable of such a passage as it is uncommon for a sport yacht to have extended range capability," he said. "Seeing a Maritimo complete a voyage like that builds confidence in the brand and is a clear demonstration of the sea worthiness of our vessels. "New Zealanders have a great sense of adventure and they love seeing epic voyages being made against the odds and the elements."

The Auckland results follow on from highly successful sales results at both the Sydney and Sanctuary Cove shows, the latter seeing total sales of more than $40 million recorded. 

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