Naiad 10m - Yamaha XTO 425hp

Barry 2018-10-11

Naiad's West Australian builder Kirby Marine launched the first boat in Australia to be fitted with the new Yamaha XTO 425hp outboards.  In fact a pair of them!

The boat is a Naiad 10m centre console, destined for a customer serious about getting to the best fishing spots quickly.  The new engines deliver breath-taking performance - a top speed of 58 knots and acceleration to match.  At full noise, they will undoubtedly drink the gas, but cruising at 32 knots economy is a respectable 88 litres per hour.

The boat is fitted with Yamaha's intelligent Helm Master low-speed manoeuvring system bringing joystick control and virtual anchor system.  The engines turn independently to achieve sideways movement and holding station.  Although the engines are large, they can still be fitted in twin and triple installations at standard centres and so independent turning of the engine is outward.

The finish on this boat is right up there with the best - as you would expect of an over $450,000 craft.  There are four Ullman shock-mitigating seats, a folding aft transom seat, a small sun longer ahead of the console, and a T-top with solid glass screen.  Inside the console are a marine toilet and plenty of storage.

At 3.2m beam and a tad over 3,000 kgs lightship, this is a boat that is going to live in a dry stack.  The hull is all-alloy, with closely-spaced frames and longitudinal stringers for commercial-grade strength.  This particular boat uses Naiad's foam fender system with what looks like a regular air collar but is actually solid foam inside.

The 10m Naiad hull carries the extra weight and power of the big engines effortlessly and feels very stable at all speeds.  Driving this boat is incredibly fun - just like an expensive sports car.

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