Maritimo City at Motor Yacht Service Centre

Barry 2018-10-25

Clearwater Cove, Hobsonville based Motor Yacht Service Centre has become the go to place in New Zealand if you have a Maritimo. Last month the company were working on a record 12 Maritimos, from a 500 through to the very latest X60.

With 6 boats outside on the hardstand, 2 more in the semi enclosed shed and four more on the marina, Dean Ryder says he has his hands full getting all the Maritimos ready for the summer.

“We are doing a lot of different work on the boats from a wrapping of a new X60 to comprehensive rebuilds, serious hull grooming and total upholstery replacements”, remarked Ryder.

Ryder adds that a number of the boats are second hand ex Australia and need everything from a freshen up to major work before they are re-launched in Auckland. There has been a shortage of good pre-owned Maritimos for some time now and Kiwis are actively buying boats from Australia.

“500 and 550 Sportfishers are really sought after and there just isn’t enough around to satisfy the enquires we get for good used models. These models are not available anymore and that is a problem”, says Ryder.

In 2017 Ryder explained that there was a lot of new boats coming through the shop for I stalls such as electronics and gyros, but 2018 has been all about work on used boats.

Ryder adds that the bookings till the end of the year is ‘manic’ and doesn’t see that letting up in 2019. With 12 boats they are maxed out. One of the reasons he says that the work is coming his way is the fact they have so much available hardstand and marina space right outside their shop. Motor Yacht Service Centre have been with the brand since it was introduced and have built up a reputation for not only sales and service of Maritimos, but also all other brands.

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