Kiwi Trailer Boat Breaks with Tradition

Barry 2018-06-03

Kiwi designers Matt Gibson and Andrew Copson have come up with an exciting new entrant into the composite trailer boat market, they call the nu.seaera 24HT. While still in the concept stages and awaiting its first owner, the nu.seaera 24HT is aimed at the family boating market.

 The first model of the nu.seaera series has been specially designed to enhance the customer's on-the-water experience through smart onboard electronics and exceptional stability at rest. 

Stability control is via a compact electronically driven stabiliser, including a hull design that Gibson says minimises the effects of motion sickness.

The stepped hull provides clean water to the props and reduces hull drag. Once the hull is on the plane, steps provide lift, which lowers the wetted surface for higher efficiency and speed. The high-performance hull design has integrated speed rails to enhance performance, hull track properly and remain stable when turning. 

Some key features of the nu.seaera 24HT include a plumb bow and transom extended all the way aft for maximum water-line-length.  Power options are up to twin 225hp outboards and there a 350-litre fuel capacity in ballistic fuel bladders. Something different from the conventional solid fuel tank.  There is also a lightweight hardtop, which includes a sizeable ͛ sail cloth sunroof, plus a forward cabin,  with double berth, head and shower.    

The nuseaera 24HT is available in either E glass/balsa construction or full carbon fibre and has an RRP for a single outboard version from $169.000.

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