YANMAR Launches 4LV Sterndrive

Barry 2018-11-30

YANMAR has launched a full line-up of 4LV sterndrive marine diesel engine models to complete its highly-acclaimed 4LV series of ultra-refined common rail (CR) engines.

The new 150 to 250 mph five-engine range combines with the Yanmar ZT370 sterndrive to offer fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and low vibration to suit a wide variety of vessels.

Complementing the Yanmar 4LV inboard engine range introduced earlier this year, the corresponding 150Z/170Z/195Z/230Z/250Z hp sterndrive models feature the very latest in electronically-managed CR fuel injection systems. This next generation system uses Thermo Swing Wall Insulation technology to provide maximum thermal efficiency, leading to more complete combustion, adding capability in fuel consumption, torque and lower emissions.

The 150 to 250 hp power range marine diesel engines are all based on an identical engine block with the same dimensions and weight, making it easy for boat builders to install various options. The new models are fitted with the Yanmar ZT370 sterndrive with hydraulic multi-disc clutch for exceptionally smooth and quiet gear engagement, plus standard EXO hard anodisation coating to provide exceptional protection against corrosion. Ensuring optimal performance for a range of boats for recreational and light-duty commercial applications, the ZT370 sterndrive is available in various gear ratios. Other features include precision-forged gears with extra-long service life, the choice of electrical or mechanical shift models, and an integrated exhaust system.

All Yanmar 4LV engines with ZT370 sterndrive offer a selection of control systems, including full electronic or standard mechanical controls for commercial and recreational applications. The models are also available with the ultra-smooth Yanmar JC10 joystick system for easy manoeuvring. Offering customers a simple display solution, the Yanmar NMEA connection ensures engine data is available for all NMEA 2000 compatible multifunction display units. All models exceed both EPA Tier 3 and EU RCD Tier 2 emissions regulations, being virtually smoke and odour free. In addition to the 4LV sterndrive series, YANMAR also offers its high-performance 8LV marine diesel with ZT370 sterndrive in 320, 350, and 370 hp.


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