Buccaneer 550 Enforcer.

Barry 2019-01-25

Buccaneer have just released their second model in the Enforcer RIB range, with the 550 joining the 640 Enforcer, released 12 months ago.

By utilising the 640 Enforcer as a baseline, the smaller 550 Enforcer encompasses a lot of the same layout and styling, albeit compacted. The tubes are supplied and fitted by Southern Pacific and you have the choice of Hypalon or PVC. Two thirds of the tube is outside the chine which gives you the advantage of maximum internal and external beam.

While the console is similar to the 640 it is narrower but still has space behind for two people to sit behind a very solid Perspex screen. The dash is the same as the 640, and while our boat had a Lowrance 9” MFD, there is room enough for a 16” MFD.

While there was an entry on the 640 on the port side of the helm for access to a dry storage area inside the console, this wasn’t possible in the 550. Some of that space has now been taken up with shelf space. Access to the area in the console is behind the console bow seat where the entire front lifts up for easy entry.

The flip back helm seats mean you can have one forward and one aft when towing water toys, or both forward while fishing and waiting for the bite. The overhead soft bimini also offers good shade, and the sturdy stainless steel Manta fold down T-Top can also be fitted with all-round clears for maximum protection from the weather. The twin seats are mounted on a moulded storage box with a large rear hatch.

The 550 in fact offers more seating than the 640, due to the moulded jump seats either side of the engine well. The stainless ski pole is also used to mount the bait board and there a rod holders built into the rear deck either side.

Centreline under the cockpit sole is a 100 litre fuel tank (optional 130 litre) and a wet locker aft that is large enough for a 25 litre tote tank. 

The 550 Enforcer is rated from 60-130hp, with the 90hp being the pick of the size. Still enough power and torque to tow tubes, wakeboards and skiers and economical. As for the handling, the 550 Enforcer is very predictable and easily driven and didn’t really need any more than the 90hp we had on the transom.

Based on the 525/530 hull, it’s still not a big boat, although you do have extra beam and length due to the tubes and these certainly make a difference when it comes to stability at rest (rear of the tubes are sitting on the water) and underway.

Ten metres of chain and 100m of rope fit easily in to the anchor locker. While there is no capstan on the boat, Buccaneer do offer it with a stainless steel tow post with a top mounted capstan.

The Buccaneer 550 Enforcer is a true Kiwi RIB, designed to be as versatile is possible, so that it doesn’t matter if you are fishing, diving, wake boarding or using it as a tender, the boat is ideally suited to any task.

Maybe I better get back to the Bay of Islands, same time same place next year and who knows I might see the next Enforcer to join the Buccaneer RIB stable.

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