Electric Kiwi designed and built boat goes into production

Barry 2019-02-08

Beacon Marine say wanting to help pioneer the way for electric boating in NZ, as well as helping to minimise the effects of boating activities on the marine environment paved the way for the concept of fully New Zealand designed and built electric boats.

Cam Harris and Adam Wrightson along with naval architect Dan Leech have designed two boats, the EVO33 Leisure craft, and the EVO33c commercial craft. Both are 33ft catarmarans.

The vessels will be fully manufactured in New Zealand and powered by OceanVolt, an electric propulsion system from Finland who Beacon Marine have secured sole agency for distribution in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Cam says “The alignment with OceanVolt, was a great step forward for us. We designed the EVO33 to showcase the advantage of electric vessels and propulsion systems and how efficient they can be.”

The shaft driven motors are state of the art patented technology. The 20kW motors have a motor speed of 1400rpm, are lightweight, silent and have zero emission. The motors run off a 48VDC lithium battery system, the proprietary batteries are 45% lighter than other LiFe products on the market.

The vessels have a short range battery pack of 30nm and a long range battery pack of 60nm with the option of a diesel range extender available for all systems. 

“Electric Vessels are something that has been on our mind for years.” Says Cam, “It’s no doubt the way forward. Being in the industry for so long and seeing first hand the effect that petrol and diesel has on our marine environment, we felt the need to use our knowledge to change the way of boating in NZ.”

Eco tourism was also a large contributing factor to the concept, having worked with tour companies and resorts in the Pacific Islands, there is a shift away from petrol and diesel to minimize the environmental impact on reef systems, the low maintenance cost is also an advantage.


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