Experience Twin Disc, Seakeeper And Seatorque At Scibs

Barry 2019-02-21

Visitors to the 2019 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show will be able to get hands-on with the suite of products under the Twin Disc Pacific banner, taking to the water. 

To experience the fingertip control of the Twin Disc system, the 14.3m Revolution, will demonstrate the Twin Disc Quickshift transmission, Express Joystick electronic controls and EPS position hold system, including continuous and fully-proportional hydraulic thrusters, while appreciating the stability afforded by the Seakeeper 9 installed.

The Seakeeper Haines Signature 788SF will conduct static, on-water demonstrations showing the dramatic benefits of the Seakeeper 2, specifically designed for boats 8m to 10m. Priced at $29,990 + GST (Australian retail price).

“The Seakeeper 2 is 25% lighter and 20% smaller than the Seakeeper 3,” said Glenn Frettingham, Managing Director Twin Disc Pacific.

“It eliminates up to 95% of boat roll and will be popular with recreational outboard craft looking for stability, safety and a pleasant day on the water for all, no matter what the conditions.

“The Seakeeper 2 is effective at all boat speeds, including zero, it can operate in all sea states, and the feedback we’re already getting is the large trailerable to mid-size fishing boat market just love it”.

Running exclusively on 12-volt power, it does not require generator power, and the compact size means that it can fit into the leaning post of a centre console boat, thus requiring no structural modifications. The Seakeeper 2 will use the new touchscreen control panel and allows users to capture real-time performance information.

“The Seakeeper 2 is already proving popular with owners of outboard boats under 10m, which is the highest growth segment of the market,” added Glenn.

Also from the US, the Seatorque Boss Enclosed Shaft System which offers boat owners a myriad of benefits. The multiple-award winning ‘Boss’, is a totally enclosed, oil-filled, self-contained, shaft and thrust bearing assembly, supplied as a complete unit from transmission output coupling to propeller end.  Suite 6d to commercial and recreational vessels from 15m to 60m.

Revolution, the Seakeeper Haines Signature 788SF and interactive Seatorque display will be on display at the end of F Arm of the Marina at SCIBS, 23 to 26 May.


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