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Underlying the wave of investment in marine infrastructure on the Gold Coast is the Queensland state government’s pledge to fund the Gold Coast waterways Authority to undertake a massive and ongoing dredging program in the Coomera River. 

This work is vital for the continued prosperity and development of the local marine industry, which is growing in tandem with the number of boats in the region. Boating activity on the Gold Coast is increasing by approximately 11% per annum. There are currently over 28,000 recreation vessels registered on the Gold Coast and over 700 commercial vessels.

The Gold Coast Marine Industry Precinct at Coomera currently occupies approximately 60ha and contains over 150 businesses, employing over 2,500 people. Dredging is required to provide safe navigational access to the marine precinct, residential developments such as Sanctuary Cove, Coomera Quays, Hope Island and Riverlinks, as well as riverfront residents and recreational users.

It also provides security to the businesses, their employees and contractors, encourages investment and development in the region, such as the $100 million project which has just commenced at The Boat Works and a $100 million plan to also double the size and facilities at nearby Gold Coast City Marina – the southern hemisphere’s largest marina and shipyard.

Tim McKay is Project Manager at the GCWA and has several years’ experience overseeing dredging in the Broadwater, river entrances along the coast and its network of canals.

“The Queensland Government is committed to maintaining a navigational channel depth of 3.0m below Lowest Astronomical Tide (-3.0mLAT) in the Coomera River,” Mr McKay explained.

Dredging will commenced in February  and is expected to take four months to extract approximately 100,000m³ of sediment from approximately 11km of the river (from the Broadwater to the Coomera marine precinct).

Dispelling many of the misconceptions surrounding dredging in the Coomera River, Mr

On the strength of the GCWA commitment to dredge the Coomera River, The Boat Works’ owner, Tony Longhurst has begun an ambitious project effectively doubling the 40 acre site, with a 50-berth marina, additional refit facilities, boutiques, restaurants going ahead on the adjacent 43 acre block.


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