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At 229m Valkyrie would be world's biggest mega yacht if it ever gets built. From the design  board of South Korean designer, Chulhun Park, this is one incredible vessel.

"Having seen too many conventional white yachts which were vertically stacked like wedding cakes, I was determined to design a visually unique yacht which would stand out from a fleet," says the Valkyrie's designer Chulhun Park.

That pointed him toward a postmodern architectural movement known as deconstructivism, characterized by building exteriors warped into irregular, fragmented forms that deviate from your typically neat geometric design.

The Valkyrie began life as a thesis project while Park studied vehicle design at Royal College London, but his sketches soon drew the attention of Palmer Johnson, where he was also completing an internship at the time. The yacht-building giant then took Park on full-time, where he became a senior designer before moving onto Latvia's Latitude Yachts as its chief designer.

“I have designed Valkyrie not to be regarded as a yacht when people saw her. I want her to be considered as a piece of floating art or statue which could harmony with nature”, say Park.

The hull is designed to be built in steel or alloy with a carbon-fibre super structure. The 227m vessel has a beam of 30m, draft of 7.5m and top speed of 25 knots. Fuel capacity is 1500 tonnes, with a range at 16 knots of 10,000 miles. Accommodation will be provided for 52 guests in 26 cabins and 92 crew in 46 cabins.

If built, the 229m(751-ft) Valkyrie would become the largest yacht in the world, easily outstripping the 180m (592-ft) Azzam owned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates. Park tells us the Valkyrie is much more than a student project, and that it was deeply researched and benefitted from cooperation with the Palmer Johnson team.

Valkyrie project is based on a Palmer Johnson copyright trimaran hull form. So, bellow the water line is designed by Palmer Johnson Yachts and above water line is designed by Chulhun Park.

The Valkyrie was designed to serve as public space for the masses rather than a personal

playground for billionaires. He imagines casinos, galleries, theaters and restaurants setting up shop on board, drawing in customers (and profits) and providing a good time for all. The floating entertainment hub could be used to host events, and guests could buy single day tickets to check out the action.

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