Barry 2019-04-12

Explorer Motoryachts CEO Mark Campion passed away recently after a short illness. 

Mark will be remembered by his passion and drive for his boats, initially with his own brokerage in Hong Kong, then partnering with Clipper in Australia and NZ.  In recent times he had been heavily involved with Explorer Motoryachts which he took worldwide, with agencies in Norway, England, France, USA, Canada, HK, Singapore, NZ and Australia.

Mark lived in Hong Kong, but spent much of his time in the boat building yard in Ningbo, China, developing his boats with new models, and improving the quality and finish of his boats with every order.

He is sorely missed by his dealer network, and his identical twin brother, Neil. Neil has moved from CFO to CEO and the Explorer range is still being quality built by NBFH Boat Building Co, in Beilun, Ningbo, China.

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