Barry 2019-04-12

A wide range of exciting new products are set to debut at this year’s Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland on May 16-19. 

The new releases include innovative products such as electric outboards, jetboards and motors for paddleboards, submersible fishing drones, remotely operated underwater vehicles, polyethylene Scout cutters, boats powered by PWCs and a world-first anti-roll stabilisation unit in an aluminium trailerboat.

There will also be, as always, a large number of new boat models, many completed just in time for the show, as well as an impressive selection of the latest outboards, electronics, accessories and fishing equipment.

The new Power Dolphin is described as the world’s most advanced floating fishing drone. Compact and sleek, it fits into a small case able to be carried in one hand and is used with a fisher’s own rod and reel. Equipped with a range of sensors including compass and GPS, it also has an Auto-Return Home function so it will return to the beach by itself.

Electric Power and Propulsion NZ will be showcasing their new range of ePropulsion electrically powered outboards, the new Vaquita portable electric propulsion system for a paddleboard or kayak and the Mertek S1 jetboard.

The Mertek S1 jetboard is powered by a combination jet system and direct drive motor and has an innovative hydrofoil fin for high speeds. The jetboard is inflatable, lightweight, can fold down to a third of its size and has a maximum speed of 26 kph.

Underwater exploration company Bay Dynamics will be showcasing a number of their new Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), including the BlueROV2 and the Gladius Mini. They will also have a BlueROV2 simulator connected to a large 65in screen so people can see how easy it is to pilot a ROV.

The new Sealver Wave Boat range transforms a regular PWC into a powerboat. The Sealver Wave Boats, which range in size from 4.4m to 7m, can “dock” with any PWC with the PWC providing the power, steering and some of the seating. The attachment process is said to take just seconds and detaching the PWC is equally quick and easy.

In addition to their very impressive Helm Master Boat Control System, Yamaha will also be releasing two new outboard models this year. Based on the company’s award winning F25, the new high-thrust T25 efficiently delivers the power and grip to manoeuvre heavier small vessels. With electronic fuel injected performance in a small, high-thrust configuration, the T25 also comes fitted with a patented dual thrust propeller. These big-diameter, low-pitch propellers offer up to 60% more thrust in reverse and up to 10% more in forward gear.

A world first will be on display at this year’s show with the fitting of a Seakeeper II anti-roll system to an Extreme 745 Centre Console trailer boat.

While Seakeeper systems have been popular in larger craft, the 745 Centre Console is the smallest vessel in the world to have it installed. A flywheel, spinning at up to 9700rpm in a vacuum, detects the sea state and via a gyro reacts accordingly to produce opposing torque to mitigate the boat’s roll.

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