Barry 2019-05-17

McLay Boats have taken the amphibious boat concept to a whole new level with the release of their 741 Raptor which has made its debut at Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, which started yesterday and runs through till Sunday evening.

The 741 Raptor is the first amphibious boat on the market to feature bow doors that completely hide away the forward wheel behind an ingenious system that when on the water or on a trailer, the boat appears as a traditional boat.

On the water and on a trailer the 741 Raptor takes on the appearance of a non-amphibious boat, but with the wheels exposed reverts to an amphibious mode. McLay Boats have a patent application on their new system and while the 741 Raptor is the first boat to feature it, it is likely to be available on other models in the McLay range.

McLay have used the Tectrax all wheel electric drive (AWED) system, which uses the very latest in battery technology and fly-by-wire electronics. Developed by Taupo based Tectrax , the system has a number of unique differences over existing amphibious platforms and has proven suitable for concrete ramps, tarmac, sand or grass.

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