Barry 2019-06-07

A bespoke powercat for British Columbia’s world famous Nimmo Bay Resort, this Scott Jutson designed 11.2m x 4.0m boat represents years of synthesis to find the ideal multi mission platform for the resort. 

From sightseeing to sport fishing to diving to kayaking this boat accommodates it all. This is the resorts first catamaran and it comes from the need to accommodate a wide range of passengers in the rugged waters of British Columbia’s north coast. Further to this requirement for comfort in all conditions the vessel is fitted with Shockwave seating for all passengers.

The hull form is derived from Jutson’s well developed asymmetric platform which also supports high speed stepped hulls as well as foil assist options. The extended static waterlines combined with the vertical bow improves the vessels mid and low speed capabilities while providing excellent pitch control in bigger seas at speed. The styling of the house represents a subtle update to the traditional Pacific Northwest look. The window line relies on framed aluminum windows but in this case we use powder coated miter cut frames for a more modern look. The entire vessel is clad in vinyl coating which has proven extremely robust as well as easy to repair. There is no fairing whatsoever, so the end result is remarkably cost effective for its impact.

The design includes a hydraulic bow landing door for access to remote beaches. Powerfor this all alloy catamaran is twin 350 Yamahas, giving a top speed of 40 knots. The design complies with Lloyds SSC Rules as well as Transport Canada Small Vessel Code for commercial use. Jutson is now offering the design in kit form.


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