Barry 2019-08-03

Kiwi offshore racer, Wayne Valder picked up another victory in the US to extend his lead and title chase for the coverted US1.

At last weekends’s St Clair River Classic in Michigan, Wayne and Grant Bruggemann took their second win for the season. After leading for most of the race and looking like a clean 12 seconds gap to second place, on the last lap they threw a blade on the starboard  propeller and limped across the line a mere 2 seconds ahead of WHM.

“We knew something went wrong—figuring we lost a blade and with only one lap to go, I asked Wayne if he wanted to ease up and he said ‘No mate let’s keep going,’ so we cruised in as best we could, shaking the whole way,” said Grant. “I’m pretty sure every nut and bolt on the boat is loose now.

This now gives the Pro Floors team a solid lead after four events, with just two left to decide the winner, before the World Championship at Key West in early November.

In the most-thrilling race, in terms of speed, for the fans, the three-boat Class One fleet put on a great show with Dubai’s Victory team coming out on top as Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali outdueled the second-place Australia-based 222 Offshore Racing team of Darren Nicholson and Giovanni Carpitella, with Miss GEICO teammates Steve Curtis and Miles Jennings running in third place the entire race while feeling out the team’s new boat.

Competing at the same time, the Supercat race was filled with excitement as WHM Motorsports nearly caught Pro Floors Racing on the final straightaway and M-Con rolled over midway through the race on the ever-treacherous south end of the river.

“That was a great day for us—we needed that to stay in good shape in the points standings,” said Grant Bruggemann, who throttled the NZ-11 MTI alongside driver and owner Wayne Valder. “The Kasse Racing engines proved great and Wayne did an excellent job moving us around the course. The whole team did such a great job getting us to the race and all the way through the race—it really does take a crew of people to make all of this happen.”

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