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Volvo Penta’s Giorgio Paris with the new DPI drive

Volvo Penta unveiled its next-generation D4 & D6 propulsion packages to the public for the first time at last week’s  Sydney International Boat Show (SIBS).

Since the D4 and D6’s initial release, there have been over 100,000 units delivered. But now Volvo Penta has given its next-generation D4 & D6 propulsion packages a comprehensive overhaul. The improvements are focused on the things that matter to boat owners: lowering the cost of ownership and improving reliability, durability, and performance.

The list of upgrades to the D4/D6 is long and includes a new engine management system, new fuel injection system, new turbocharger, and a new supercharger. The cylinder head, pistons, and valves are new, to cope with the increased performance, and other engine components have also been made stronger to handle the higher power output. The changes are more than a facelift, with most components reengineered.

The D4 and D6 deliver performance outputs of between 150 to 480 hp. In top specification, the D4 now has a maximum output of 320 hp, while the D6 boasts 480 hp. Not only do these engines offer up to 10% more power across the range, but they also cost less to maintain, with longer service intervals and fewer service items.

Dramatic dynamic drivelines

Volvo Penta has focused on updating the serviceability, reliability, and performance of its IPS 10 drive by introducing aspects such as inside hull access to filters and oil, and reinforced-steel-strength gear material. Overall manufacturing cleanliness has also been improved – resulting in prolonged life and reliability of all parts. Volvo Penta will exhibit its IPS10, IPS15, IPS20, and IPS30 models at SIBS.

While all this is impressive, it is the Aquamatic sterndrive package that’s seen the most improvement, featuring the new drive: DPI. The new hydraulic clutch ensures silent and smooth shifting, as well as slipping at low engine speeds, resulting in added manoeuverability and higher comfort at low boat speeds. The hydraulic clutch, together with steer-by-wire – now standard for D4/D6 sterndrive packages – gives an improved joystick docking function. The DPI driveline now also comes with Dynamic Positioning System, which automatically maintains a boat’s heading and position, ideal when preparing for docking. The Inboard version is also available for the shaft and water-jet transmissions.

Last but not least, Volvo Penta has upgraded its Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system – delivering enhanced diagnostics and an even easier easy boating experience.

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