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Released at the 2019 Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show the 2250 range has its DNA in the distinctive 2750 Centrecab.

Some Stabicraft customers wanted the function of a full walkaround but on a scaled-down hull, making it a more affordable and manageable boating option. The goal was a market defining central cabin and walk around, offering 360 degrees of fish fighting space.

"We have given the 2250 design its own purpose. Staunch, aggressive, sharp lines that scream adventure. Stabicraft has a history of taking functional concepts, like the buoyancy chambers and giving them their style. It's by no means conventional, but certainly unique, aggressive and tough" says Stabicraft CEO, Paul Adams.

One of the biggest challenges was maintaining a spacious, ergonomic cabin while maintaining a functional walkaround space. Stabicraft overcame this by maximising the overall beam, and the walkaround space is stepped into the external cabin wall. The wider body also increases stability at rest and offshore performance, all the while remaining under the legal road towing limits. Another big tick is the long-range 300L fuel tank, a class leading fuel capacity for a boat of 6.9 metres.

It was after the delivery of the first 2250 that Stabicraft knew the American market would demand this hull coupled with their particular design cues – a forward raking screen known as the Ultracab at Stabicraft. Like its successful predecessors in the 2500 and 2750 models, the 2250 Ultra Centrecab is an entirely new type of alloy plate boat in the American market. The Ultracab designs offer more room in the cabin and an immense feeling of space. So the 2250 project continued with two versions; a 2250 Centrecab (raked back screen) and a 2250 Ultra Centrecab (raked forward screen).

 Outside of the 360-degree walkaround, the hull holds all of Stabicraft's core features. The Arrow Pontoons, giving the safety and assurance of our aluminium life ring, while helping disperse water as it moves up the hull. The Game Chaser Transom provides great backing-up and manoeuvrability while chasing fish and moving in tight spaces. The Wing-style Coamings offer a huge surface area for backsides, rods and Stabicraft multi holders.

Multiple packages are available (4 to be precise), to suit different end-users. Each package comes with the option of choosing which cabin style you prefer too, the Centrecab or the Ultra Centrecab.

During the design process the 2250 design was swamp tested in a controlled environment, and then rough water tested in the 'Roaring Forties' of New Zealand's most southern Coastline. The two tests that Stabicraft was founded on back in 1987, and they continue to be a guiding principle of our product development today.

Craig Lewis, Gulfland Marine, New Zealand's leading Stabicraft dealer says since receiving his first 2250CC and 2250 UCC, after the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, sales have been exceptional for both models.

"It's a boat that ticks all the boxes with our client base, and as fast as we get them in stock, they sell. They are a perfect package for the Mercury V6 and V8 outboards", says Craig.

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