Barry 2019-09-06

Domain alloy boats are available in two hull sizes, 4.75m and 5.50m with four models. In either a cuddy cabin or centre console.

Designed by Russel Gillam & put to the test in the most challenging conditions in and around the Manukau Bar, the hulls have a reputation for their soft dry ride and sea handling.

The Domain Progressive hull design (DAB) is calculated to provide just the right amount displacement to sit level, use the length of the hull to provide a soft ride and then at rest sit on the chines giving a stable fishing platform. The progressive entry and variable deadrise matched with a moderate turned down chine is easy to push efficient hull that's quick to plane, dry and won't broach in a following sea.

All the hulls are sealed under the floor providing reserve buoyancy, with a solid alloy structure.  The 475 and 550 range feature 4mm hulls and 13.5 deg deadrise, with 2.075m beam. Plenty of options are available, and you also can customise your boat to suit your requirements.

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