New Compact VHF From Furuno

Barry 2019-09-06

Furuno has introduced an all-new FM4850 space-saving black box VHF - a 5-in-1 unit featuring VHF Radiotelephone, Class D DSC, GPS Receiver, AIS Receiver, and Simplified Loud Hailer with Intercom. 

The FM4850 allows users to take advantage incredible features all within a compact and low volume unit – safety, reliability and versatility have never before been wrapped up so perfectly in such a neat little package.

The FM4850's black box configuration allows for it to be installed in an out-of-the-way location, so it's not taking up valuable real estate on the helm, while the included handset with LCD Screen and waterproof speaker can be installed in easy-to-access locations. Up to three individual 'stations' can be connected to a single black box installation, each of them with full access to the FM4850's impressive capabilities.

This means users can have a Marine VHF Radiotelephone with built-in Class D DSC, GPS Receiver, AIS Receiver, Multi-Station Intercom, and 30W Loud Hailer with Listen Back capability installed at multiple locations on-board, all with one simple installation.

With its built-in GPS receiver, all the FM4850 requires is an external GPS antenna. The unit does not require an external GPS source to enable its DSC functionality, and the unit can be used as a backup source of GPS positioning for other on-board electronics.

Its built-in AIS Receiver can be used to overlay AIS targets with networked GPS Plotters or MFD's, such as Furuno's NavNet TZtouch and NavNet TZtouch2, or their new GP1871F/GP1971F combo units.

Users can also share GPS, DSC and AIS information via NMEA0183 or NMEA2000. What's more, when connected via NMEA2000 to any NavNet TZtouch2 MFD, DSC calling can be initiated directly from the TZtouch2 display by merely tapping on the AIS/DSC target and selecting [DSC Call].

Additionally, when MOB (Man Overboard) is activated on a TZtouch2 MFD, the FM4850 enters a special mode where you can initiate a distress call by simply pushing the rotary knob.

The FM4850 can operate as a 30W Loud Hailer with 8 patterns of alert sounds. Loudhailer, Fog Horn and Warning Signal features are all available, enhancing on-board safety and communications while navigating in the dark or fog.

When connected with the second-station handset, its intercom feature is available, allowing communications between the devices from multiple locations. Additionally, the horn speaker can be used to collect external sounds and transmit them through the external speaker with a function called Listen Back.

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