Raritan Elegance Toilets

Barry 2019-10-07


The Marine Elegance from Raritan Engineering is one of the most adaptable and easily installed marine toilets on the market today.

It provides the option to flush with onboard fresh or outside raw water and features hidden hardware for a clean, custom appearance. Offering the luxury of a full-size residential seat, the sleek Marine Elegance is available in four variations—two heights and a straight or angled back—and two colours, white or almond. Its slow-close seat has stops to help prevent shifting when using while underway. Combined with a unique mounting system and small base, it will fit into almost any head compartment.

The Marine Elegance uses Vortex-Vac technology that creates a vacuum in the bowl, thereby eliminating the need for extra suction generation equipment. With unmatched rinsing capability, the efficient action of the pump quickly and quietly pulls the waste from the toilet and has the power to move it an impressive 3m vertically and 30m horizontally. Performing at a noise level less than 63 decibels, it won't alert everyone in the boat or on the dock that nature called. A built-in shredder with stainless steel blades transforms waste into small particles that virtually eliminates clogs.

The Marine Elegance is available with SeaFresh. This innovative option allows the toilet to operate using onboard fresh or external water with the flip of a switch. This is especially helpful to reduce odors associated with raw seawater when leaving the boat for extended periods.

Raritan's fully-programmable Smart Flush Control provides users complete control for optimal flushing. An environmentally-friendly low water option helps conserve precious onboard water and extends the useful capacity of most holding tanks. With the available Bluetooth Flush Control, not only can the sanitation device be optimized remotely, but diagnostic data is stored for troubleshooting.

The Marine Elegance toilet measures 467mm L x 355mm W. The Standard model is 305mm H, while the Tall is 432mm H. It's available in 12V or 24V, and draws 30 or 20 amps, respectively.


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