Barry 2019-10-07

Released at the AOWBS last week, the K Series is JP Custom Tenders' specialist superyacht line of bespoke tenders. 

The third vessel in JP RIBS K Series of superyacht tenders this 12m is destined to be a charter vessel working in and around the waters of Auckland Harbour. This impressive RIB  has a 23-degree deep V shaped hull, plum bow with wide chines incorporating an additional 90mm flange for added stiffness and greater support for the tubes. This makes for an excellent ride in rough sea conditions.

Currently they have three project K tenders - the 12m and a 10m and 6.4m vessels, which are destined for a 42m explorer yacht currently in build. JP Ribs has had a long association with the team behind the yacht and are thrilled to be providing two vessels which will help ensure it fully meets its adventurous capabilities.

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