Barry 2019-10-13

Profile Boats have announced that they have signed an agreement with Excel Boats USA to license the manufacture and sale of Profile Boats in the USA.

The boats will be marketed using the Profile Boats name and logo throughout North America and be distributed into the USA, Canada and Mexico.

“We are excited to be able to bring Profile Boats to the North American market. These are unique boats designed in New Zealand to cope with the toughest seas in the world” explained Glenn Foreman CEO of Excel Boats USA. “These boats will be built in the USA to the exacting standards and quality of the Profile Boats brand and will give the North American consumer the option to buy a USA built, aluminium chamber boat”.

“Designed initially as a safer beach launching vessel, the Profile Boats range has developed to provide craft from family recreation, to seriously good dive and fishing boats, as well as commercial charter vessels” added Brian Firman Managing Director of Profile Boats. “The inherent safety of the unique aluminium chamber design offers superior stability and makes all Profile Boats virtually unsinkable.”

Initial production will be at the all-new Excel Boats plant based in Union City, Obion County, Tennessee. “We expect to be building boats in the spring of 2020” commented Glenn Foreman.

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