Barry 2019-10-14

Continuing their trend of working closely with customers to drive innovation, Fastmount, leader in hidden panel mounting systems, has released their new LP-SMX.

The new LP-SMX is a low profile, screw fix male clip that offers an extra-heavy duty 15kg pull out load, making it ideal for both heavyweight and large thin interior panels on superyachts. The LP-SMX is the third clip across Fastmount’s range of products that provides such a heavy-duty fixing. 

While the Low Profile Range covers a wide range of panel mounting solutions, it was the only range by Fastmount that didn’t yet offer a heavy-duty option for installers. Working closely with their Italian distributor, Promotech Italia, they learnt that there was a large demand for a new male in this range that could be used easily in all areas of a superyacht interior – without having to use a variety of different clips. 

“We really see this being taken up by designers and installers that are after a bit of a ‘one size fits all’ solution – it is low profile, incredibly easy to install, and great for pre-installation and flat packing due to its extremely durable head design,” comments Gregg Kelly, Managing Director & Head of Innovation at Fastmount. “An additional feature is that there is a pin on the back of the clip, which drops seamlessly into the mark on the panel made by the CP-08ST centre point, making locating the clip onto the panel rapid.”

Fastmount recommends the LP-SMX to be used in conjunction with their LP-AF8A female, a clip that allows 8mm of supported panel adjustment, providing a flexible yet heavy duty panel mounting option.

The clip will be available for purchase from authorised Fastmount distributors worldwide from mid October.

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