Barry 2019-10-29

Integrel is the future of power generation afloat, completely replacing your stand alone generator by using “spare” capacity from your existing inboard engine.

Integrel uses smart new technology to generate up to 9kW of electrical power without compromising your engine’s performance. In fact, the system actively manages its output so that the engine is always running at its most fuel efficient.

By using your engine for both propulsion and power generation, both tasks are delivered at optimum efficiency, resulting in fuel savings of up to 25%. One engine, two jobs, less fuel.

Integrel is completely automatic, working in the background with no direct input from you. It requires no maintenance other than a periodic belt change, offering substantial savings on fuel and maintenance costs across its lifetime.

Integrel eliminates the need for a separate generator, using spare capacity from your existing inboard engine to generate electrical energy while ensuring your engine is always running as its most fuel efficient. The Integrel system requires a bank of batteries that are charged as it generates energy, which is then used as an electrical ‘fuel tank’ for your onboard devices and systems.

Integrel supports both advanced lead acid and some brands of lithium ion batteries. The Integrel generator is software limited to 170A and 9kW, allowing you to charge a typical 48v bank at the 1C rate, which is the amp hour rating normally quoted by the battery manufacturer.

The Integrel generator itself is fitted directly to the propulsion engine and occupies very little space, weighing only 15kg. The storage batteries that it uses are normally fitted into the same space as the standalone generator it replaces; a 10kWh lead acid battery pack, for example, measures 600 x 600 x 350mm and weighs 260kg. Lithium ion batteries have about the same volume depending on the supplier and are less than half the weight.

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