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Riviera owner says ‘thank you’ to loyal yacht owners and staff as he reflects on the outstanding achievements of 2019.

Riviera Australia continues to create and innovate motor yachts of distinction. Yachts that are acclaimed internationally for their sea keeping qualities and high calibre of construction as much as they are for their fine and luxurious finishes.

At the company’s annual end of year celebrations, Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst addressed the 600-strong team and paid tribute to both the craftsmen and women who create Australia’s most popular motor yachts and the almost 5,600 loyal yacht owners that make up the global ‘Riviera family’.

“Why are Riviera yachts in such demand?” said Longhurst. “Why do boaters often comment that Riviera is among the finest motor yachts in the world?

“We have a special culture here that all of you have created, together. All of you work as a united team. You have a real commitment to excellence and you work with us to nurture future champions in our team and to create the finest motor yachts we can.

“This culture is what makes Riviera, Australia’s world-class motor yacht builder and allows our owners to have the time of their lives aboard our yachts. That’s a great reward for us all and in recognition of this, I thank each and every one of you here today for your part in our success as much as I thank our owners publicly for their trust in us all,” added Longhurst.

Caption:  Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht

Long-time staff members and long-term dealerships have been key to Riviera’s continued success in 2019. At the same time, Riviera continues to be humbled by the fierce loyalty shown by Riviera yacht owners from around the world, a great many of whom are repeat customers. These experienced boat owners have shown great confidence in their commitment to Riviera.

Rodney Longhurst showed both loyalty and trust by purchasing Riviera in 2012 and infusing its leadership with strength and long-term commitment. Seven years on, the company continues to grow and expand. Riviera is a truly global brand focused firmly on its people and impressive yacht range.

Riviera is always striving to deliver the best possible boating experience. To create this opportunity, the skilled in-house design and new yacht development team in collaboration with international specialists, has been expanded in 2019 to over 50 people. At the same time, the company’s design engineers are always working with the world’s leading brands, to allow Riviera to often set trends where others tend to follow. Their mission is to remain nimble and respond to customer needs with fresh eyes and fresh approaches.

Caption:   Riviera 505 SUV

This continued growth and global expansion is good news for both Riviera’s 600-strong workforce and Australia’s marine industry as a whole, with more than 70 apprentices currently engaged in learning and plying their craft within the company’s award-winning training program. In 2020, the number of Riviera apprentices will increase by over 10%.

2020 will be another year of growth and expansion for Riviera.

2020 will continue to be a year of new releases for Riviera. The new 505 SUV will make her international debut in February 2020 at the Miami Yacht Show and the all new 64 Sport Motor Yacht will join the Sports Motor Yacht fleet in May.

 “In 2020, Riviera will celebrate 40 years of motor yacht-building and the launching of over 5,600 yachts in that period – a significant achievement that is testament to the excellence in everything we do, from the concept and design of a new motor yacht to the delivery and owner support offered with all our new yachts,” says Longhurst.


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