Purekraft 600CC (Designed to Fish)

Barry 2019-12-16

Purekraft’s design-led approach has seen the small Tauranga company really start to stand out in what is an increasingly crowded aluminium trailer boat market.

With their latest model, Tauranga-based Hall Marine Design have released an unashamedly a fishing boat, albeit one with a fair degree of comfort.

Perhaps not surprisingly, HMD, which is run by the very passionate Jarrod Hall, adopts a very design-led approach. Every single section of all of their models has been thought through in minute detail and, wherever possible, improved.

This means their vessels are packed with clever, innovation features that, it is not hard to imagine, will quickly become incorporated into others’ designs, too.

The company’s new 600CC (centre console) is a completely new model which, it is planned, will become the template for a range of bigger versions in the not-too-distant future.

Eye-catching appearance

With its egg-shell blue hull, white aluminium interior, black dash and baitboard and fawny SeaDek panels just about everywhere, the Purekraft 600 is certainly eye-catching.

Given that this is primarily a fishing boat and given, too, that most fishers spend lots of time around the transom, Jarrord and his team have put a lot of effort into its design. It is pretty obvious that they have focused on ensuring both that everything that needs to be is close at hand and, just as importantly, that there is little or no wasted space.

Pride of place is occupied by the centrally-positioned custom bait station. It is fitted with an easily removable HDPE cutting board and contains three rod holders, two drink holders and one of HMD’s trademark bottle openers (which cleverly collects the tops for later disposal). There is also a large tackle drawer complete with a push catch to hold it closed.

On the starboard side of the transom is the step through to the platform, along with the now standard under-step live bait well. There is also a deep, dedicated trash locker in the quarter, handily placed for those cast-off bits of fishing line, depleted refreshment containers and the like. Over on port, the transom has been dedicated to dive tank stowage, with a locker both wide and deep enough to house two standard tanks.

Along the side decks, between the panels of SeaDek, are another HMD innovation: combination rod and drink holders. There are three per side and they come complete with removable and replaceable insets.

A self-draining underfloor locker provides a great place to stow the catch once on board.

The innovations continue out back, too. The apparently missing boarding ladder is actually recessed into the platform, protected from inadvertent opening by its own catch and clearly marked with a graphic. Compact lockers on the sides of the platform make handy use of otherwise dead space and are ideal for stowing mooring lines, the propeller flag and the like.

One of the 600CC’s most striking features is its console seat module. Designed to get the skipper and a mate up high (for better visibility) it provides comfortable seating for two on deep vinyl-covered squabs of a similar hue to that of the SeaDek panels. It also features a large handy locker at the rear with its open hatch cover acting as a handy table.  The inside of the console, accessed either through a hatch or by tilting the entire unit aft, houses the batteries and mechanics for the MinnKota, along with a substantial stowage area that could, if required, be used to house a toilet.

Fishing bow

The 600CC’s bow is, like the rest of the vessel, covered with SeaDek anti-skid panels. There is area ideal for use as a casting platform and a shallow floor locker under this. The bow area also features recessed hand rails, more of those combination holders and access to the drum winch and its rode. This is connected to a clever retractable anchor stem that sits flush against the stem when not in use and automatically extends when the anchor is deployed.

The 600CC performed exceptionally well in both the sheltered harbour waters and the more boisterous ones outside. At the top end of the model’s recommended horsepower range (150-225hp), the four-stroke Honda 225 gets the 600 up onto the plane in a hurry and delivers predictable power variation throughout its range.

Softbaiting while using the electric engine to control the drift proved remarkably easy with just a few touches on the Humminbird MFD required to deploy the motor, set the angle to the sea and the revs, and then return the motor to its horizontal position when finished.

HMD’s design-led approach is certainly paying big dividends. In just a few short years, they have gone from a company primarily creating kitset aluminium boats for DIYers to finish at home (and completing the odd demonstrator) to a true aluminium boat manufacturer with a range of both production and customised models.

Things that really stand out is the high quality of the finish and the numerous innovative design features. From a consumer’s point of view, the good news is that those clever touches just keep coming. This model has more than the previous one and the next one will no doubt have more still. For Hall Marine Design, the future not only looks assured, it also looks pretty damn exciting.



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