Barry 2018-07-12

Stressfree Marine have just  launched their latest winch incarnation they call the Wakechaser. A remote-controlled winch for on-the-water rope adjustments in seconds, this revolutionary new product is ideal for both  professional and recreational wakeboarders, water-skiers and water sport enthusiasts.

Before the Wakechaser, wakeboarders, water skiers and tubers would manually adjust and tie-off rope onto a tower while docked. With the new Wakechaser, adjustments can be made on-the-water, to suit any rider, making it easier to change riders and change rope length when individual riders are chasing a wake or perfecting a trick. The drum capacity can store up to 30.5m of rope.

The Wakechaser solves another headache in the wakeboarding, water-skiing and water sports world – the issue of manual rope pull-in and tangled rope in the boat while on the water. The fully automated remote-controlled winch mechanism simplifies water sports for riders, boat operators and observers.

Retrofitting to any boat tower, The Wakechaser can be retrofitted to any boat tower.

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