High-powered OXE Diesel now available

Barry 2018-07-19

Power Equipment is now able to offer commercial and recreational users in Australia and New Zealand the OXE 150hp & 200hp diesel outboards, with the first engines arriving in the country later this year.

The OXE Diesel is suitable for government, rescue, military, commercial and recreational applications. It is a robust, heavy duty outboard that features a patented belt-driven propulsion system.

Swedish manufacturer Cimco Marine produces the OXE Diesel. It says its diesel outboards consume 42% less fuel than a comparable two-stroke outboard. Lower fuel consumption means bigger operating ranges, longer intervals between refuelling and lower fuel costs.

The OXE diesel outboard is a common-rail, turbo-charged engine that provides high efficiency and torque. It delivers powerful thrust and acceleration and has the capacity to carry heavy loads.

The engine is mounted horizontally, doing away with vertical shafts and bevelled gears, and allows for the full torque of the diesel to be transferred to the propeller shaft. It also provides crash stop capability, smooth gear engagement and low speed control. 

It has a closed circuit cooling system inspired by modern inboard technology. This allows Cimco Marine to add a powerful alternator and cabin heating, which are important to anyone who operates in cold weather or uses demanding power equipment.

The outboard’s modular design makes it easy to change parts and maintain the engine. All service points are on the front of the engine so that maintenance and servicing can be done on the water. Cimco Marine’s patented belt drive on the OXE Diesel gives excellent torque transfer without affecting hydrodynamics, and is coupled to a hydraulic multi-plate clutch transmission. 

Belt propulsion gives operators transmission efficiency that is normally only found in inboard engines. By switching the orientation of the primary belt housing, you can change the gear ratio to suit high torque or high speed operations.

The belt propulsion unit has no bevel gears and it transfers more torque to the propeller. This means the engine can have smaller torpedoes and a slimmer submerged module. Again, the benefits of this are less drag, lower fuel consumption and higher speeds.

Because it delivers high torque, the OXE diesel has also been designed to support large diameter propellers specifically for high thrust applications such as, displacement vessels and work barges. Likewise in high speed operations the high torque levels provide superior acceleration and greater load carrying capacity, without compromising on performance.

The gearbox is located under the power head but above the waterline, so it is protected from damage if the craft runs aground. It is designed to withstand crash stops and it can transmit full power to the propeller in both forward and reverse.

The gearbox has an electro-hydraulically operated clutch with sensor-controlled propeller speeds.  This gives seamless low speed control from zero to maximum RPM and allows for smooth shifting between neutral, forwards and reverse.

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