Barry 2018-08-09

John Lu, President of Horizon and Horizon Group CEO, has announced that his company Horizon Group has taken over  Horizon Motor Yachts restructured them in line with the business globally.  

This will make the Australian dealership (also includes New Zealand) consistent with the structure of Horizon dealerships internationally, as part of the company's broader strategy to ensure synergy in the owner experience worldwide: service, support, communication and branding.

Gary Wahlstedt, who has held the exclusive dealer rights for Horizon Yacht in Australia and New Zealand since January 2015 said: "This has come about very quickly and a surprise to all of us".

"John made us an offer which was very generous to take control and structure the business the same as the rest of the world. This has been such an enjoyable time being involved with a global company such as Horizon and watching the ongoing improvements in the product under the guidance of John Lu.

The agreement was that Mark Western and Erica Rae remain in the Australian business so the transition can be as smooth as possible for our clients.

Mark Western, who has been with Horizon for 13 years, will remain manager of Horizon International Australia and Erica Rae who has been with Horizon for eight years will continue as Executive Assistant.

"We are extremely grateful and proud of the efforts of the HMYA team led by Gary, who over the past three years have contributed to the evolution of the brand in Australia and New Zealand and to its strong positioning," said John Lu.

 "Mark Western is passionate about our brand and our business, and we have great confidence that with the resources and strength of Horizon HQ, he and his team will build on these achievements and propel Horizon into new opportunities going forward."

Mr Western added his endorsement for the new structure.

"Horizon Yacht Australia will now have the added resources of the 1,000-plus factory-backed staff and support, which will now improve previous support. Owners can be assured that they are buying directly from the factory, so there's peace of mind when purchasing and 5-star service and support.

At the 2018 Sydney International Boat Show, Horizon Yacht Australia displayed the all-new V81 and the in-demand E88.

John Lu is scheduled to visit Australia for the official "reunification" event later in the year, coinciding with the delivery of two FD85 fast displacement motor yachts - another milestone for the Australian dealership.

The headquarters for the Australian branch of Horizon Group will remain at Sanctuary Cove, Queensland.


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