Barry 2018-09-06

The flying RIB, an innovation by French company SEAir brings foil technology into the inflatable boat market.

Based on a Zodiac's  5.50 or 7m hulls, SEAir has added their own foils to bring the boat into a whole new dimension. The foils can be either manually or electronically raised and lowered and you can have automatic assistance with management of the trim and the foils.

 The Flying RIB provides stability and unmatched seaworthiness due to the foils which function as shock absorbers.  Active or deactivate the system by pressing on a simple button, beachable, berthing alongside a pontoon, and use your trailer as easily as before due to the retractable foils (electrically). This innovation has been designed, so that does not complicate the use of the semi-rigid at all.

The patented SEAir foiling system is a revolution for fuel consumption, speed and acceleration of the RIB. The boat rises onto the foils at around 15 knots and has an optimal speed use of 20-25 knots.

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