Racing champ rapt by Hurricane

Barry 2018-09-06

Dick Johnson is a motor racing legend, with an appetite for speed and performance since 1967 when he burst onto the track. Recently he purchased a Hurricane Fundeck 236 deck boat.

"Life changes and your requirements change," he says. "There's nothing more important to me than spending time with the family out on the water, day tripping."

His 7.16m "deck boat" as the Americans call them, boasts a sturdy, stable fibreglass "cathedral hull", wide beam and plenty of room onboard for up to 13 guests.

"The kids love it because we can charge up to the Pin [Jumpinpin], beach it and spend the day

swimming, having lunch, enjoying the Broadwater. We're planning to use it fishing, diving, skiing, towing . . . and anything that ends in 'ING'!"

Equipped with Simrad touchscreen sounders, high-tech stereo and subwoofers, lounges that double as beds, bar, table, refrigeration and plenty of storage, the Hurricane 236 is a versatile platform for all kinds of on-water activities.

Pontoon boats may have had an aura of "slow and steady" in previous incarnations, but ask DJ

whether his Hurricane deck boat represents a retreat into "old man boating" and you'll be blasted with an emphatic "HELL NO!"

"It tips into turns like a regular boat, plus it has enough grunt to tow skis or inflatables, and to get out of the way of the jetskis. The Hurricane 236 has a top speed of 80km an hour, which is 43 knots, and were decked out with stereo and LED lighting, so you'll see us coming, and hear us!"

Hurricane pioneered the deck boat business in 1974 and are the number one selling deck boat in the world, producing over 22,000 each year from their four factories in Indiana. There are around 60 different models over the size range and innumerable options when it comes to custom colours, finishes and options.

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