Seafarer take Hot Air welding to a New level

Barry 2018-09-13

After having built a custom-made hot air welder, Seafarer Inflatables have developed hot air welding to a whole new level.

Seafarers Neil Curtling calls it the Dual Seal Construction System, which means all the tubes are sealed 100% both internally and externally. They have also developed this system to weld internally and externally both the cone ends and internal baffles.

"The result for our customer is the very best air retention and a solid, reliable weld. The hot air welded cones and baffles are we believe a world first. Normally these are Radio Frequency welded which means they are not internally and externally sealed" says Curtling.

Seafarer is the first NZ manufacturer to manufacture polyurethane hot air welded airtight tubes. Curtling adds that the polyurethane (TPU) fabrics are as good if not better than Hypalon and are 30% to 40% cheaper. " We have a big demand for this impressive new product", he adds.

SeaFarer is due to release the new range of lightweight sports tenders from 3.5 m to 4.5 m. All models will have a selection of light console option.

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